Vintage Canvas School Backpacks You’ll Fall in Love With

Jan 18

Sketch Picture of a Vintage Canvas Backpack

Vintage Backpacks Take You Back in Time

There are times when your heart rules over your head. At times like this, you simply want a bag that looks good and cast aside all practicality issues.

In this backpack review, we’re going to make few picks on what could be the best vintage-looking canvas school backpack. But again, keep in mind that we’re talking about a rush of emotion instead of logical thinking.

So if you’re looking for backpacks – be it for school or just a casual daypack – and you hope to find the best backpacks (functionality-wise), you’re in for disappointment.

Without further ado, let me take the wrap off on what I thought are the coolest backpacks featuring a touch of old-style fashion.

List of Coolest Vintage-Looking Canvas Backpack

Vintage Canvas Laptop Backpack

If simple and nice-looking canvas backpack is all you’re looking for, this backpack will be your best bet.

I fell in love the first time I look at the bag. I thought I’m the only odd one out. But it seems that everyone is having the same infatuation with the bag the moment they land their sight on it.

For backpack, I don’t think beauty and functionality blend well with each other. Be warned that while this cool-looking canvas backpack will pull all eyes to you just like a magnet when you walk down the university aisle, it doesn’t withstand wear and tear of everyday use.

If you plan to use this backpack as a spare backpack (or maybe just for every Friday of the week so that you’d look more relaxed), it’s good. But if you plan to use this backpack day in day out of college and expect it to last more than 6 months, I’ll place my bet against the odds.

The zipper quality is something that many owners often complained about. You may want to handle the zipper with care if you so decide to get it.

Retro Canvas Backpack

If you’re looking for a stylish rucksack and you want to get it the right the first time, this backpack is what you want to seriously consider.

The canvas material used gives you good feeling when you’re carrying it. It definitely has ample room for your laptop but don’t expect it to withstand the weight of heavy textbooks (if you want it to last) as it has never been designed to be a practical book bag anyway.

As this is not meant to be the best laptop backpack, don’t expect padded laptop compartment like what you get with the Swissgear ScanSmart or High Sierra Loop. It’s recommended that you get yourself a laptop sleeve before placing it into the bag.

Fashionable Vintage-looking Canvas Backpack

This is probably the ‘roomiest’ vintage-looking canvas backpack that is currently available.

It doesn’t have well-padded shoulder straps like that of a North Face backpack nor does it have well-padded laptop compartments. But at the very least, it comes with few small pockets with one big enough for an iPad and the other for an iPhone.

It is not always easy to find stylish backpacks for a 17-inch laptop. This one fits in well. But fitting doesn’t mean protecting. Remember to get your own sleeve for additional laptop protection.

Retro-Style Leather + Canvas Backpack

Guys, stand aside please! This retro-style mixture of leather and canvas backpack is made for ladies only! (Guys can still get it but don’t say I didn’t warn you)

This is one of the prettiest casual backpacks that you could find. P.S: Parents, don’t show this to your girls who are going to university if you don’t intend to get it for her.

The picture speaks pretty much for itself. But what may surprise you is the amount of space that’s available. Typical of ladies’ bag, it’s got pockets everywhere. More than what you’d ever need.

Vintage Minimalist Daypack

If you’ve ever found yourself in love with a Tumi backpack but only to be disappointed that you can’t have it because it’s too expensive, this backpack will not be another letdown.

I first saw someone carrying this backpack when I was on the plane during one of my business trip. I simply couldn’t resist the beauty of it. It was silly but yes, I did approach the girl (who looked very much like a college girl) to find out where she had gotten the bag from.

I went back and did my research online. When I finally found where it is selling, I was pleasantly surprised by the price tag that it fetched.

Don’t Let Your Heart Rule Your Head. But if You Do…

Backpack selection, especially school backpack, is something that you should approach carefully. This is simply because you need to carry heavy loads with it and you need it to stand rugged use (you know how college guys behave).

But should you ever let your heart take over the decision making process and you’re looking for a gorgeous canvas backpack, these backpacks will certainly bring delight to you.

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Photograph courtesy of The WildWood

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    What are the brands of the “Vintage Minimalist Daypack” and “Retro-Style Leather + Canvas” bags? Where can I find them? Thanks!

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