This Timbuk2 Wingman Backpack Worths a 4.5 Star. Why?

Feb 28

What’s in a Timbuk2 Name?

If you’ve ever lived, worked and played in San Francisco, you know what a great and vibrant city it is. This is especially true when you pass by Mission District, one of the greatest part about the city itself.

It’s never come to my mind that there could ever exist a backpack maker in what could be the geekiest place on earth. No, we’re not only talking about some small sales office with manufacturing hub located thousands of miles away.

We’re talking about a backpack company that manufactures all its backpacks right here, in the Bay area. And that company is Timbuk2.

The fact that Timbuk2 is able to sustain itself amidst the high cost of SF living already says a lot about the brand and its people. What’s more impressive is their ability to customize their products en masse.

Sounds ironic huh? But that’s what these guys have been doing. And yes, you can tailor your Timbuk2 bag according to your flair and preference. This is definitely one of the highlights in many Timbuk2 backpack reviews shared by avid Timbuk2 fans.

How it all Started

How timbuk2 wingman fits all the essential stuffsInner compartment of timbuk2 wingman travel duffel

Recently, I just took on a new job. My new job required me to make frequent travel. I love to travel but not when it is for work. Worse still, since I’m paid on per assignment basis, I have to manage my budget carefully. This means that when there is a cheaper option, I’d definitely go for that.

In most cases, you know that cheap is equal to discount carriers. There’s one problem with these cheap carriers. They are usually very strict about their carry-on bags policy. I’m only entitled to bring 1 bag and they’d charge me for every additional bag.

I have a well and functioning Targus Drifter II. It’s a great laptop backpack. But there’s 1 problem to it. If I have to bring spare clothes, it would come out wrinkled.

That’s when I told myself that I need a new backpack. And that’s how this whole Timbuk2 Wingman backpack review comes about.

What I Love about my Timbuk2 Wingman

Super Lightweight but Sturdy with Plenty of Rooms

Considering the amount that my Timbuk2 Wingman backpack can swallow, I’d consider its weight to be light. Any lighter and I don’t expect the backpack to hold stuffs well and still last.

With most discount carriers imposing carry onboard weight limit of around 20lbs, the 3.3lbs weight of Timbuk2 Wingman ensures that you have plenty of rooms for your stuffs.

I know some carriers allow slightly more than 20lbs but I always stay on the safe side and ensure that I pack no more than 20lbs into it.

After months of using it, it’s made my short-distance travel experience so much more pleasant these days!

The Shoe Compartment

I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to hygiene matters. When I have to bring my shoes for traveling, one thing that I always try to avoid is placing my pair of shoes between the stack of clothes.

With the Timbuk2 Wingman, I love the separate shoe compartment found on one of the ends. It’s such a simple idea but one that any weekend traveller would rave about.

It just puzzled me to think that no one has actually thought about it before these guys.

Timbuk2 Wingman travel duffel as shoulder bagTimbuk2 Wingman travel duffel backpack review

A Backpack and a Shoulder Bag

I know carrying a bag behind your back is always more advisable compared to carrying it over one shoulder. But yet, it’s not only me who’s doing it. I think everyone does it.

If you have such a habit, Timbuk2 Wingman is great. It easily converts between a backpack and a shoulder bag. And it does this without compromising every bit of style and functionality.

Where it could have been Better

I was very happy when I received my Timbuk2 Wingman backpack. Every inch of the backpack looks solid. They live up to Timbuk2 reputation.

However, the laptop compartment is a bit of a letdown. I found the laptop compartment to be thinly padded. I’d definitely feel unsafe to place my Macbook inside it without any additional protection.

Since I have a Timbuk2 Escape sleeve for my Macbook, it’s not something that I’d particularly fuss about. But I can imagine it can be a major issue for someone who doesn’t have and doesn’t intend to get a separate sleeve for their laptops.

Timbuk2 Wingman is a 4.5 Stars Backpack

In Timbuk2 Wingman you’d find all the greatness that you’d expect from a backpack making company operating out of SF.

If not for their quality of excellence, I can’t think of any other reason on what could sustain them for so long.

I give my Timbuk2 Wingman backpack a 4.5 stars (out of 5). If not for the laptop compartment, maybe I’d have given it a 5.

If you’re looking for the best backpack for your weekend or short-distance travel, now you know what good option is available for you!

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