Thule Crossover: A Backpack that Understands a Geek’s Many Needs

Jan 13

At first, I had my doubts about purchasing the Thule Crossover Backpack because of its powerful cost. I had thought of other alternatives and had considered obtaining one of the SwissGear portable computer knapsacks that I see all my individual Metro Rail riders wear.

A Personal Thule Crossover TCBP-117 Backpack Review

What kept me from making that mistake was that bothering feeling that I was simply set to fit in with the crowd.

I keepn lamenting of not running with my gut response in the wake of falling head over heels in love for the Thule Crossover pack when I saw it on the net.

Recently received delivery of my bundle from a solid retailer. We all were inspired by the sheer vicinity the pack has alone. It certainly resembles a mans-mans sort of sack. I started exchanging the greater part of my dispatcher sack substance into the Kitchen Sink to check whether it was more structure over capacity.

A Backpack Designed for Maximum Load

If you are hoping to secure and safely transport a laptop, Thule‘s products are worth checking out.

They make some of the best backpacks designed for heavy notebook users.

The greater part of my pens, markers, high liters and revision tape went in the front pocket.

My Gerber multi apparatus slid in splendidly into one of the unbending pockets inside and also my movable advanced space mechanisms. The hard undershell top case holds my shades, obviously, and in addition my ear plugs for my iphone.

I have to say that everything I stuffed into the pack still left me space for additional supplies.

Having space to transport my laptop safely means that I can use other storage compartments for important things like water containers since I attempt to stay hydrated at all times.

Thule crossover TCBP-117 backpack in blue colorThule crossover laptop backpack review
Blue Color Option
Dark Blue Color Option

What Other Reviewers are Saying

Notwithstanding to test out that it is so agreeable to drag this on my drive to/from work. Give me a chance to start this review by specifying that I chose to uproot the cushioned strap that goes around the waist.

Didn’t feel great having that thing dangling and the clasp thumping around. The pack as of recently draws enough consideration. It effortlessly falls off by the Velcro connection focus behind the sleeve (you’ll see).

Right away on to the capacity part: I take a fast passenger transport with little passageways between the lines of seats. Some way or another I didn’t have to take the pack off to stroll down the passageway with both straps around my shoulders.

I take this transport to the Metro station and ride up one stop where I exchange to an alternate line and ride that to the finish of the line. The verdict: I adore this pack!!!

I scarcely feel the heap due to the suspension framework in the midsection and shoulder strap combo. I consider what amount of better it would’ve been with the waist strap…

I likewise love the consideration the pack gets – even from those who are promoting other products and do not actually sell items manufactured by Thule.

There are a lot of great college backpack brands out there, but Thule is one that I will be paying greater attention to going forward.

Front compartment view of thule crossover backpackBack panel view of Thule crossover

I am also very likely to recommend it to my friends. As you would have sensed from my assessment of this backpack, I really am quite taken with what I have seen of their product line. I still haven’t seen one yet on my drive throughout surge hour by the way.

My main fuss is that you need to unclasp the cool snare thingys that safe the top fold with a specific end goal to enter the primary compartment. I just need to open it once when I get to work to dump my canteen and lunch holder however since my cushion folio and books are approachable through the side zipper.

The Final Take

I’ve shared my personal experience in using the Thule Crossover backpack.

If asked, I’d definitely say it is one of the best laptop backpacks that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to any friend.

But the choice rests in your hand. If you’re buying a backpack for your college need, be sure to check our handpicked list of the best backpacks for college students.

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