Zooming in on Teton Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Feb 02

When hiking presents challenges that demand the very best from you, it is critical to bring to the trail equipment that performs at the very highest levels as well. Durability, utility, and the epitome of efficient design is a must for hiking equipment that is designed to aid in success.

Where backpacks are concerned, optimized and specially designed equipment must be in play. In addition to carrying all your other vital gear, the comfort, features, and capacity of the pack are of great importance and often gets highlighted in most backpack reviews.


The Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack meets this criteria and excels in some ways that most backpackers would not have assumed.

This pack is ideal for both the avid outdoorsman and the amateur who is just beginning to explore the possibilities of the outdoors.

Review Highlights of Teton Scout 3400

The Basics

The Scout 3400 by Teton is equipped with the sturdiest of zippers and a top-carrying loop that makes getting gear packed and into your vehicle a fast and simple task. In terms of comfort, there are very few packs on the market that provide any real competition.

This Scout is equipped with a lumbar support that is made from mesh. The shoulder straps and waist band are both well-padded for lumbar and shoulder support as well. The strain and discomfort that comes with long hikes is virtually a thing of the past.

All of the features for support and comfort are also versatile, offering adjustable components that include bendable stays that are composed of aluminum.

Back view of Teton scout 3400Lumbar support of teton scout 3400

Nice Features

There is no more comfortable nor well-designed backpack for the money. There are also small additions that make you fall in love with the pack more quickly than you may imagine.

As you do your Teton scout backpack review, you will find there is one thing that many backpacker owners always rave about. Some of the niceties include the safety rainfly that stays conveniently tucked away until the need for coverage arises. The central compartment takes advantage of dual closing systems that include a two-barrel-locking drawstring.

The Scout 3400 is outfitted and designed for any of the elements that may arise on the trails. There are custom gear loops that easily cater to ski poles, shovels, or axes. Any tool that you deem necessary for the wilderness can find a secure and snug place.

Designed for Comfort

This backpack surpasses all others regardless of your size or build. Multiple torso adjustments give it the ability to snugly grip any torso comfortably.

All of the padding makes use of open-cell foam technology that adapts while simultaneously providing support. Unlike many other types of gear that create sweating and present certain hinderances, the Scout 3400 is designed around molded channels that allow for optimal airflow.

The need for shedding gear and other items along the trail is also easily met when you start the hike with the Scout. Ropes, coats, shoes, and other critical gear can be instantly stored away using the bungee stash on the top of the pack.

Even your accommodations for shelter can be placed into a suitable position for moving forward without worry. Tents, sleeping bags, and tarps can be secured using the uniquely-designed compression straps.

Close up view of upper compartmentRaincover protection of scout 3400

Size and Color Matter

The Scout 3400 is available in two different colors in addition to the bright, yellow rainfly. Hikers can focus on style and utility by choosing between the Hunter Green and Mecca Orange designs.

While this pack provides ample room for all types of gear, it still comes in at manageable dimensions. The Scout measures 33″x17″x12″ with a weight of only 4.5 pounds. The waist belt can be adjusted to accommodate a waist that ranges between 26 and 60 inches as well.

In terms of durability, hikers know that they can rely on the 600D, Diamond Ripstop Shell that is resistant to any kind of tearing that commonly occurs while on the move.

So, is Teton Scout 3400 the Best Internal Frame Pack?

There is indeed so much to talk about the Teton Scout3400. It is one of the better-designed backpack with internal frame. It provides ample room to fit the needs of typical hiking trips with little compromise on comfort.

With that said, do you think it makes the cut as that perfect companion for your upcoming trip? Do you think it has all the attributes that define it as the best travel pack?

Bonus: If you need help on how to pack your bag for travelling, do check out our backpack packing guide for beginners.

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