Samsonite Vizair: A Very Handy Laptop Backpack

Aug 07

The Samsonite promise of professional styling combines with comfortable carrying to create a reputation for the finest luxury luggage known to seasoned travelers.

This prestigious regard for refined transport transfers over to rugged backpacks with the introduction of the Vizair Laptop Backpack.

Whether you’re looking for the best laptop backpack, cushioned to support an expensive investment, or simply determined to carry all of your belongings in comfort, the Samsonite Vizair backpack is likely to exceed your expectations.

A Take on Samsonite Vizair Laptop Backpack

Plenty of Rooms for Everything

While large enough to stow a selection of heavy books, the Vizair manages to balance lightweight design with superior protection attributes. Due to its high price point, it may prove to be beyond reach for most students. But for those with enough budget, the ruggedness and spaciousness of this backpack proves enough for it to be considered as among the best backpacks for college use.

I tried emptying one of my shelves of hardbacks into the largest of the compartments, adding my laptop to the mix by stowing it in the cushioned laptop compartment.

The bag swallowed up all of these items with ease, although a 15’6″ laptop is the maximum size the bag can hold, and the edge of the laptop did protrude slightly. The feel of the fabric and the build of the overall shape is what impressed me most.

To the touch, the bag is made of 100% polyester, a big factor for students looking for a durable backpack to carry all of those heavy journals during a long semester.

Samsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop Backpack in pink silver colorSamsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop Backpack in green grey color

Laptop Protection

If you were to write down a list of the features of the Samsonite Viziar Laptop backpack, you’d have to place quality at the top every time. This feature is closely followed by the addition of shock absorption tech in the shape of three bumpers located on the base of the backpack, engineering that has been borrowed from running shoes.

Here’s an affordable entrant in the best laptop backpack category that can take occasional drops and be sure to dissipate impacts. Those shock absorption properties don’t leave Samsonite resting on their laurels, either. I only need open the laptop compartment to illustrate the Samsonite dedication to protecting your gear, the padding surrounding the slender laptop pocket.


I regard these multiple safety layers as a big part of Samsonite’s zealous approach to content protection, and a definite plus if you’re looking for the best backpack with laptop protection, one that can carry heavy loads without sacrificing content organization. Speaking of organization, I’m a bit of a tidiness nut, and I wanted to be sure the Samsonite Vizair could cope with my various organizational foibles.

Inner compartment view of Samsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop BackpackDetailed view of inner compartment of Samsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop Backpack

I shouldn’t have worried, the many internal pockets and roomy compartments manage to hold all of my business cards, pens and miscellaneous bits and pieces while leaving space for more. The neoprene front organizer stores pens and stashes those easy to lose items in a tidy manner.

I’d imagine this kind of organizational mastery would be a big selling point in selecting the best backpacks for college, an environment often ruled by chaos when a student desperately searches for a favorite pen or a fresh notebook.


Characterized by its high quality polyester construction, by cushioned shoulder straps and a shape that encourages air flow across your back, the Samsonite Vizair laptop backpack checks every box in regards to high-end construction and functionality.

It also presents an ideal internal layout for organizational nuts like myself. Exterior extras include the now standard netting for holding a water bottle and an additional side pocket for sunglasses or storing a pen.

The bag is available in three attractive colors, two of which offer delightful accents detailed in bright hues.

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