Outlander Packable Travel Backpack: Probably the Only One in its Class

Apr 24

Outlander packable lightweight travel backpack review

When I was looking for the best lightweight travel backpack, I found that many makers claimed their bags to be the best in the business.

When I tried them on, however, they were too bulky and heavy to be considered a real lightweight.

Let’s make this clear. I wasn’t looking to trek across the Himalayas. I simply wanted a compact backpack that I can carry with me when I’m visiting the streets of London and Paris.

Have you heard of packable travel backpack? I found that to be the exact answer to what I’m looking for. If you’re doing your research right, Outlander Packable Daypack will appear high on your radar. After referring to several backpack reviews, I thought I had to give this a try.

How did it fare? Let’s find out.

Packing instruction of Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Daypack

Noteworthy Highlights of Outlander Packable Backpack

Waterproof is What You Need for Travelling

Because we were looking at some cloudy vacation days, I wasn’t sure if the Outlander pack would protect all of our electronics and wallets. However, I was pleased to see that the nylon fabric construction was water resistant. Drizzle actually sloughed off the material, allowing everything inside to remain dry.

I certainly wouldn’t drop the bag in a puddle because the zipper closures would allow water to penetrate to the inside. Water resistant isn’t waterproof.

Outlander Foldable Lightweight Travel BackpackImage of Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack

Lightweight and Comfortable

Because I usually carry all the daily supplies with us as we visit local sights, I need a comfortable daypack. Luckily, it’s lightweight even with all our items tucked inside. I found the mesh shoulder straps to be wider than a typical backpack, but that can only mean good thing. It added to the breathable nature of their construction.

The strap adjusters were slightly frustrating to move, but once they were in place, I didn’t need to use them very often. They held the pack perfectly as we hiked our way around the cities.

Lock for Added Security

I was so happy to see that the two large pockets had dual zippers. Although Europe is a beautiful and friendly place to spend vacation, there are still some bad elements that pick through packs.

I was able to add small locks to each zipper pair for added protection. Although the zippers are not very heavy-duty, the locks will make thieves think twice about rifling through our items. If you plan to wander around the street of Paris, Barcelona and Madrid often, do beware of the pickpockets.

With the lock, the Outlander pack gives me an additional peace of mind.

Inner comparment view of Outlander Packable Travel daypackFront compartment view of Outlander Packable Travel Backpack

Pouch is Nice to Have

I found the best part of the Outlander pack was its included pouch. When I use the pack during the day, the pouch is empty. I use it for holding small trinkets we buy or even collecting business cards when my husband is networking.

At the end of the vacation, the daypack is not suddenly another bag to carry. The pack folds up neatly and fits perfectly in the empty pouch. I usually place it in my checked luggage because I don’t need it for carry-on purposes. When we get home, I can use the bag for other daily needs, from visiting soccer practice to a trip to the beach.

Where It Can Do Better

One of my largest concerns about the Outlander pack was the pocket quantity. There are two dual zipper pockets and one side pocket with one zipper.

Although this configuration may work for a couple on vacation, a large family will find this pack too small. The side pocket cannot be locked either, relegating it to holding just disposable items, such as napkins.

However, I was pleased to see two water bottle side mesh pockets. Traveling can be a hot job sometimes and having water nearby keeps us all hydrated.

My 2-Cents Worth

Now that you’ve seen my take on Outlander Packable backpack, I hope it leaves you with better idea on what to expect of this lightweight but highly rated travel backpack.

Does it make the best travel pack? It depends. It depends on the load you intend to stuff inside. It depends on what kind of stuffs you intend to carry with you.

This is obviously not meant to be a stand alone travel pack, but the ideal companion any backpacker will love instead. I don’t think you can carry with it even for a short weekend travel (unless you’re carrying nothing but 2 or 3 pieces of clothes). But you’ll love how it can easily fold and be placed inside your bigger pack.

Photo by Peretz Partensky

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