How Good is Osprey Daylite as a Daypack?

Apr 20

What Goes Inside a Daylite Backpack

What Goes Inside a Daylite Backpack

True to its name, the Osprey Daylite Backpack functions as a lightweight and versatile daypack capable of complementing a wide range of activities from short hikes to daily commuting. Its comfortable fit and sleek styling make it serviceable as a parenting or student bag around town.

This is while its snug lines and durable materials make it well-suited for the wear-and-tear of trail running or traveling. This backpack is designed to integrate with a number of other Osprey backpacks (eg. Osprey Waypoint 65), making it an ideal auxiliary bag for short hikes out of camp.

What exactly can you expect out of an Osprey Daylite? Will it give you the best run for your money? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

What You’ll Love about Osprey Daylite

Surprisingly Light for the Capacity You Get

The Osprey Daylite measures 18¿ x 9¿ x 8″ and offers up a surprising 793 cubic inches of space given its meager weight of just 16 ounces. While it’s specially tailored to the contours of the upper back, the pack includes an adjustable sternum strap and hip belt for achieving a firmer fit.

On the outside of the pack, there are two mesh side pockets for holding water bottles and a drawstring capable of securing any lightweight jacket or sleeping pad. There¿s also a thin front pocket with a mesh organizer and key clip for quick access to common necessities, but deep enough to fit some tablets.

Osprey light daypack in purpleOsprey highly recommended daylite backpack

Comfortable Straps

On the back of the pack, the tuck-away shoulder straps are lightly padded and covered with breathable spacer-mesh. The top of the straps have an integrated handle for easy carrying and the bottom of the pack has two hip belt pockets for hiding the lower strap when not in use.

The mesh-covered back panel features slotted foam padding to allow for good air circulation, and an external hydration sleeve has enough space for a three-liter water reservoir. The large panel-loading main compartment opens wide, making it easy to pack and unpack or locate specific gear.

If You Need Huge Space, It’s not for You

While its roughly 13-liter capacity is larger than many daypacks, the Osprey Daylite might not be the best backpack for those in need of large amounts of space. The main compartment is spacious enough to fit most normal sized laptops, but won¿t accommodate 17-inch devices.

There¿s also no padded laptop sleeve for users who primarily want a computer bag. Its panel-loading design also can¿t be crammed quite as full as a drawstring top-loading daypack, and the thin padding on the straps can be uncomfortable under consistently heavy loads.

Is it the the best notebook bag? Obviously not. There is no way Osprey Daylite can be compared to such elites as Targus Drifter II and Timbuk2 Wingman when the best backpack for laptop users is what we’re talking about.

Osprey Daypack in redOsprey Daylite Backpack in green

Generous Pockets & Compartments

That being said, the Osprey Daylite has plenty of room for a wide range of activities. It can easily accommodate a jacket and a picnic lunch for an afternoon hike, camera equipment and a few sandwiches for a day of birding, or a change of clothes and a small laptop for daily bicycle commuting.

It¿s also perfect for young fathers who have to cart around extra water, snacks, and supplies. The subdued metro styling and comfortable fit of this backpack are far more appealing than the overly-styled, chunky nature of the average diaper bag.

It’ll be Long before You Need to Find another Backpack

The Osprey Daylite is also right-at-home in the great outdoors. Its durable ripstop nylon fabric prevents tears from spreading beyond their point of origin, ensuring this pack¿s longevity. The snug fit achieved from correctly adjusting the pack¿s multiple straps makes one almost forget they are even wearing it.

Both cozy and comfortable, this daypack allows for running and jumping without any discomfort or balance issues. Troop leaders and group leaders also have plenty of reason to offer a glowing backpack review.

The Osprey Daylite wide-open panel-loading design makes it easy to quickly find whatever you need, cutting down on stop times when hiking with a club or large party.

Is it a Worthy Investment? You Decide!

As its name implies, Osprey Daylite is a daypack. It’s not just another daypack, but a great one indeed.

I really love how this lightweight pack can easily be attached and detached to my larger Osprey Waypoint. I know that even when I only have 2 backpacks, it lets me choose between 3 capacity options. For weekend travel, I just grab my Waypoint. For light hiking, I just grab my Daylite. For longer travel, I simply grabbed both of them.

Photo by Kelli Patterson

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