Lowepro Flipside: The Camera Backpack Preferred by Photographers

Apr 09

Love Photography? Only Lowepro are Good Enough. Probably.

Even semi-serious photographers know the importance of having a good camera backpack. After spending thousands of dollars for your Nikon or Canon DSLR, skimping on the backpack is the last thing you want to commit.

For decades, Lowepro backpacks have been the trusted choice among amateur and professional photographers. I talk to a number of friends who happened to be photography enthusiasts.

Although there are not thousands of photography enthusiasts whom I could speak to, I can see what a popular choice Lowepro Flipside camera backpack is among the photography community.

What is it that makes the best camera backpack so different from the best laptop backpack?

Where does Lowepro Flipside backpack excel when many others have fallen short? Let this backpack review shows you the ins and outs that make it such a hot favorite among photographers.

How Lowepro Flipside Come Out Top among Photography Enthusiasts

It has what every photographer needs

You need a good backpack for carrying lenses and camera bodies along with other gear that is convenient to use, easy to carry and provides adequate storage space and protection for the expensive equipment that gets carried so often.

The Flipside series of backpack camera cases by Lowepro is one of the very best camera backpack solutions available. It has two shoulder straps and a padded waist belt to keep the backpack secured and help to evenly distribute the weight and offers ample storage with several Flipside models available.

Multiple sizes to perfectly fit your camera size

The Flipside is available in four sizes and two standard varieties with the Flipside 200 being the smallest and the Flipside 500 the largest. In between are the Flipside 400 and 300, which formerly was the largest before the 400 and 500 were created.

All types are made of weather-resistant nylon, and one camera backpack review cited Lowepro as having a target market of photojournalists, outdoor photographers and urban photographers with the Flipside.

No matter the skill level, the Lowepro camera backpacks retail for relatively affordable rates ranging from well under $100 for smaller models and well under $200 for the largest.

What it can hold

Build quality is very good with sturdy materials, professional stitching and generally excellent construction. The backpacks have ample room for large lenses with the 200 capable of containing up to an 80mm to 200mm zoom lens along with camera, extra camera body, a smaller lens and flash equipment.

The Flipside 300 and 400 backpacks can hold up to 300 mm lenses while the Flipside 500 can contain up to a 500 mm lens. All types are about 18 inches tall and have a hidden tripod holder that allows for the secure carrying of a tripod or monopod on the outside of the backpack.

Side pocket view of Lowepro Flipside 300 camera backpackConvenient tripod fitting into Lowepro camera backpack

A skilled and experienced photographer can take virtually all the equipment he or she might need for several days or even weeks in the field with one of the larger Flipside camera bags and still have room for food, a first aid kit and other essentials.

Padding to protect your spine and also your expensive camera

Depending on the type chosen and internal configuration, the camera backpacks can hold up to between three and six extra lenses and up to three extra camera bodies that are secured with three straps across various points of the body and backside-only access, although some types also offer side access.

The protective padding is sufficient to provide all-day comfort when hiking or out shooting for long hours while also protecting the gear a good amount of shock absorption. There are external side pockets that are secured by zippers and a zippered internal compartment for personal storage or more camera equipment.

The Flipside offers many innovative features for serious and professional photographers in a lightweight, durable and rain-resistant backpack case. The Flipside can carry one or more cameras and camera bodies, several lenses, flashes, filters, cleaning supplies and other gear as well as a tripod.

One of the best aspects of the Flipside system by Lowepro is that it offers completely hands-free carrying while also distributing the weight of camera gear across most of the upper torso. That means photographers can focus on their photography with both hands on the camera ready to shoot in the shortest time possible while hiking and out in the field.

A feature unique to itself

The Flipside gets its name from its unique ability to allow access through the backside of the backpack by keeping the waist belt attached, removing the shoulder straps and sliding the backpack around to the front.

Flip it down and a padded back zipper panel allows the wearer to access the primary camera storage compartment while also staying in place when there are no hands used for support. That means a quick change of lens, filter, flash or other component could be done with the bag secured to the waist and both hands free to operate a full-sized camera.

Is Lowepro Flipside the Best Camera Backpack?

I may not be the best photographer. I know my skill may not be a match to many of you. But as someone who carries his Canon 1Ds Mark III for most of his trip, I believe my Lowepro Flipside backpack has served me well so far.

I have no doubt that it makes one of the best camera backpacks. I can see how it earns those rave reviews. If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your photography equipments (camera, lenses, tripod etc), getting a Lowepro Flipside series backpack may be the wisest thing to protect your investments.

Photo by Jhong Dizon

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