High Sierra Loop Backpacks are So Popular. But Why?

Jan 21

If you are a college student looking for your next backpack, the High Sierra Loop backpack may be for you. This article will tell you all about the pros and cons of this particular backpack.

In this discussion, we’ll also reveal the various reasons why many of your college peers consider this backpack to be their go-to bookbag for campus trekking.

The article will also alert you as to your options when it comes to bag color. In campus, there are thousands of your fellow peers who are plying around every day carrying bookbag on their back.

If there is anything that a college student loves to have more than anything else, it is options. The Loop backpack, one of High Sierra’s best-selling collection, has much to offer. Let’s examine the reason behind its popularity.

The Good Reviews around High Sierra Loop Backpack

There is a whole lot to like about the High Sierra Loop backpack. This section will outline many of the major positive aspects of this backpack. After reading through this section, you should have a better idea of what this particular backpack can offer you in your campus life.


When it comes to price, you can not go wrong with the High Sierra Loop backpack. If you buy this bag, you will not have to eat Ramen noodles for the next month. Compared to other backpack brands, you should get a lot of bang for your buck. IMHO, this might be the single most important reason that contributes to High Sierra status as one of the best college backpack makers.

If you need further assurance, it is worth noting that the brand has not long ago been acquired by Samsonite. Fortunately, there has not been much change to the pricing strategy after since the acquisition.

But more importantly, you know very well that such fine company as Samsonite will not be acquiring a brand if not for the value proposition it can add to their existing portfolio.


Some online reviewers have raved about the High Sierra Loop’s compartments. One reviewer talks about her love for this bag: “The multiple compartments give you plenty of room.”


We have all had those backpack straps that made it hard to take the bag on and off. The S-shaped mesh padded straps of the High Sierra Loop make taking this bag on and off a virtual breeze.


Most college students give a lot of thought when it comes to their personal style. If you are a style-conscious co-ed, this particular backpack will not disappoint. Pick from among these vibrant colors:

  • Black
  • Teal
  • Mad Diagonal
  • Purple Pattern
  • Purple and Chartreuse Flower Pattern
  • Red and Charcoal
  • White and Cerise
  • Deep Purple Basket Weave
  • Black and Red
  • Green/Covert Ops
  • Pink Lemon
  • Green, Black and White Flower Pattern
  • Gray Charcoal Flower Pattern
  • Fuschia, Black and Chartreuse
  • Lilac
  • Purple and Pink
  • Cobalt Plaid
  • Gray and Black Plaid
  • Fuschia Sunglasses Pattern
  • Navy and Kelly Green

The Bad

While it is always better to talk about the positive aspect of almost anything, it is also important to know some of the downsides of this product. Here are a couple of complaints that some online reviewers have offered up to various websites:


A couple of online reviewers have levied complaints about the High Sierra Loop’s durability. One reviewer said: “…one of the shoulder straps started ripping apart at the seam, and the zipper to the front pocket had broken off… This backpack… isn’t very durable.”


One reviewer talked about the material from which the High Sierra Loop is made. The reviewer posted a comment highlighting their surprise at the material being “…lighter than I expected.”


An online reviewer wishes that “the pockets were bigger.” There were also other reviewers who loved the backpack’s pockets, so to each her own.


Several reviewers commented on the seams of the High Sierra Loop backpack. One bemoaned the fact that his bag came “without good stitching on the phone pocket straps.”

You Know Why High Sierra Loop is the Best Backpack Choice

The High Sierra Loop backpack is great for college students because of its low price, the plethora of bag color options, and its versatility.

Various High Sierra backpack reviews posted online talked about how the bag was used for school, work, the gym and even as a diaper bag.

If you want a stylish, versatile bag for a price that will not slice into your pizza budget, High Sierra Loop collection may be the best backpack solution for your need.

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