Should You Get a High Sierra Cirque 30 for Your Next Trip?

Mar 28

Typical Things Inside a Backpack Guy

If you are preparing to buy a new backpack, it’s important to find one with certain elements that will make all the difference in your daily experience of wearing the bag.

Backpacks with external framework are very sturdy, but are also heavier in weight. Backpacks with internal framework are designed to have a lighter weight, and be more comfortable for longer trips, providing more mobility.(Click to see internal vs external frame backpack comparisons) Wide padded straps also make for a more comfort, along with compression straps to hold your pack snugly in place.

For outdoor enthusiasts who often find themselves exposed to rainy weather, the best backpack recommendation will be something that is made of water-resistant or waterproof material.

The same advice applies if you often find yourself hiking through wet or snowy environments.

Ventilation systems are advised to keep your back and body dry and cool.

The best backpack with internal frame will provide all of these features, be lightweight, of sturdy construction, and comfortable.

Is High Sierra Cirque 30 Your Best Backpack Investment?

Padding Designed for Maximum Comfort

The High Sierra Cirque 30 Pack backpack has received much praise for its sturdy construction and lightweight comfort. It has a thick and firm molded foam back panel lining that makes for great comfort.

This back panel also has Airflow channels that keep your back cool and dry. The Cirque 30 backpack has wide straps with thick padding and a removable media pocket for your phone or MP3 player.

The padded and adjustable sternum strap helps to stabilize the pack and keep it centered on your shoulders along with padded and adjustable side compression straps.

There are also adjustable load-lifter straps that keep your backpack held snugly in place and allow you to adjust the size of the bag according to your needs.

Back panel design of High Sierra Cirque 30 backpackPicture of High Sierra Cirque 30

Runners have commented that this pack is so snug and comfortable; they can wear it on the track and forget that they even have it on.

Detailed Compartment Design

The High Sierra Cirque 30 Internal Frame Pack is equipped with an internal hydration reservoir sleeve.

It also comes with an exit port for a tube, dual mesh side pockets for water bottles, gym shoes, or sweaty work-out clothes.

It features a soft lashing hardware that holds hiking poles, tripod, an ice axe, and other equipment. In addition, it comes with webbing daisy chain to attach extra gear.

This cleverly designed 30 liter backpack is constructed of 1680-D Ballistic durable nylon material that meets military use specifications. It is double-stitched and has weather protective storm-flaps over the zippers.

It has a large zippered front pocket with an inner mesh divider, and a second spacious compartment. It measures 21.5″ x 12.75″ x 9.0″ and weighs 2.4 pounds. It is available in Amazon Pine Leaf Green, Pacific Nebula Blue, Redrock Auburn, and black.

Hikers have commented that they are able to carry their sleeping bag; tent; collapsible tripods, fishing gear; clothes; food, and two one-liter bottles with this nifty little bag. They also appreciate the durability and sturdy construction; the comfortable fit with the padded adjustable straps; and the sternum strap with elastic bands that allow easy breathing during long treks.

High Sierra Cirque 30 in Green color optionHigh Sierra Cirque 30 backpack in auburn color option

While larger backpacks with exterior framework are required for some purposes, this sturdy and versatile bag can be the perfect backpack for many of your multi-purpose and everyday needs. It is the perfect size for students who need a mid-sized bag to haul books, and gym clothes; and can easily be used as a carry-on bag and day bag when traveling.

Fitness enthusiasts, dancers, and athletes appreciate the size of this 30 liter bag, which fits neatly into their gym lockers.

Your Turn to Decide

Personally, I feel High Sierra Cirque 30 is rugged enough to be the perfect companion for adventure seekers.

But since it’s not designed to be the best laptop backpack, you may want to take note of its lack of laptop padded compartment.

This means that if you usually carry a laptop or iPad with you, you may need to get a separate laptop pouch or consider other alternatives such as Samsonite Xenon 2.

So what do you think High Sierra Cirque 30 backpack? Do you think it has what you’re looking for in a tough backpack that is still suitable for your every day needs?

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