Herschel Supply Co’s Heritage Backpack is Beautiful. Is it Good?

Feb 19

Choosing the ideal backpack for college can be difficult because there are so many choices. It is important for students to have backpacks that suit their needs and can carry their books and laptops. The best backpacks should incorporate both style and function.

Reading different backpack reviews enables you to make an informed decision about which bag to purchase. Herschel Supply Co’s Heritage backpack is among these choices and is popular among college students for a variety of reasons.

Herschel Heritage Backpack Reviews

The Heritage is composed of 100 percent polyester and features a lining that is also 100 percent polyester. The bag is fairly spacious with dimensions of 18.5 inches high and 12 inches wide. The length of the shoulder straps is 34.5 inches, and the bag has a shoulder drop of 15 inches.

The straps are padded with air mesh for comfort and breathability. The Heritage closes by zipper and has a single front pocket on the outside as well as more pockets on the inside, including a laptop sleeve. The bag has leather details and an eco-friendly reinforced bottom.

Color and Style

Herschel Supply Co’s backpacks have a look that is both classic and modern. The Herschel name and logo have brand recognition, making the Heritage one of the best backpacks for college students who want to be trendy.

Herschel Supply Co Heritage backpack in exotic patternStrap design of Herschel Supply Co Heritage book bagInner compartment view of Herschel Supply Co Heritage backpack

The Heritage comes in a variety of color choices and patterns including black, navy, burgundy and bright orange. It also comes in patterns such as zebra, camouflage, polka dot and checkers. Most of the color options are neutral, classic and versatile.

The “Salmon Rubber” and “Camper Orange” are brighter and more eye-catching colors. However, because the Heritage has a more classic appearance, you may want to choose another backpack if you desire more flamboyant colors and patterns.

Will a Laptop Fit in the Heritage?

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a college backpack is whether your books and laptop will fit inside. The pocket sleeve inside the Heritage can fit a laptop up to 15 inches.

This pocket can also hold any item that needs to be kept separate from other contents in the bag. Most standard laptops will fit in the 15-inch pocket, but students with larger computers would not find this backpack convenient.

Herschel Supply Heritage in orangeHerschel Supply Heritage backpack in pinkHerschel Supply Co Heritage school backpack review

The Heritage also includes an inside media pocket, which can hold electronic devices such as phones and music players. The Heritage Backpack’s reinforced bottom enables it to hold heavier books in addition to your laptop.

Some backpack reviews mention that this bag’s material is not waterproof, which means it may not be the best backpack for protecting your laptop when in the rain. However, if your computer is in a waterproof case of its own, it should be safe.

Preparing for college involves buying a lot of new products to make your life as a student easier. Like all backpacks, the Heritage may be right for some students but not for others.

The Herschel Supply Co brand may be desirable because it is trendy, but if you carry a laptop that is larger than average, you may find that you do not have enough space in the Heritage. Also, the leather details may be an issue for those who refuse to purchase items that are not vegan.

However, many college students will likely find the Heritage to be both attractive and adequate for their needs. The best method for determining which bags are the best backpacks for college is looking at backpack reviews. Using that information, you can decide on your own what you want in your college bag.

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