Eberlestock X2: The Great Military Pack for Travellers

Apr 16

What Goes in a Travel Bag

What Goes in a Travel Bag

Do you know what sets apart the most thoughtfully designed hunting and travel packs from the mediocre ones?

Detailed pocket and compartment availability. Good internal frame structure for maximum comfort and safety. Complete protection from splash and water. These are features that can you can expect from the best hunting and travel backpacks.

In this backpack review, we’re going to pick one backpack that’s widely regarded as the best. That backpack is Eberlestock X2.

How does Eberlestock X2 fare in meeting all the criteria that defines a great travel pack? Let’s zoom in to find out.

Features that Make Eberlestock X2 a Great Backpack

One of the most thoughtfully designed hunting and travel packs on the market, the Eberlestock X2 offers a comprehensive pocket design, advanced internal frame, and plenty of strap attachments that make carrying a bow or rifle easy.

Very lightweight and completely waterproof, the X2 is a delight to own. In comparison with other popular models currently available, we feel the X2 comes out on top in the areas of functionality, weight load distribution, and storage capability.

Back panel view of Eberlestock X2 military backpackPicture of Eberlestock X2 military pack

Some Technical Details

The Eberlestock X2 measures 22.5 inches in height, is 16 inches wide, and has a depth of six inches.

Its total volume capacity is approximately 1,825 cubic inches. With a total product weight of 4 lbs. 8 oz., this travel pack is lighter than most others in its size and price range.

The compression straps are somewhat oversized, but this makes for easy attachment of a particularly heavy load. The IntEx¿ internal metal frame is very strong and durable.

In tests where large, bulky loads were carried over rugged terrain, the X2 distributed the weight very nicely.

Convenient & Comfortable Strap Design

The back straps are designed for easy attachment of an A1SS side scabbard. This makes for easy carrying of a larger hunting bow.

The chassis can flip forward for use as a pack seat or for the attachment of extra gear. The back panel is full-mesh, a real comfort on hot days.

The side wings open up to reveal rather large tuck pockets. These are ideal for carrying spotting scopes or tripods.

Padlock webbing tie-points make the attachment of smaller items a breeze. This model also features dual hydration compartments, and there are a number of front buckles that allow for easy attachment of meat bags, a sleeping bag, or camping tent.

Field Testing The Eberlestock X2

In our internal frame backpack review of these models, the highlight is always the comfort when carrying exceptionally heavy loads. The X2 distributes weight very nicely, and users can choose among multiple strap-on variations for gear that is not stowed inside. Quick access to the spotting scope or hunting rifle is important, and the X2 offers more variety of attachment placement than any other model we tested.

Eberlestock tactical X2 pack in rock veil color optionImage of Eberlestock X2 military rucksack in mossy oak infinity pattern

When a large load – such as a deer quarter – is attached to the front using the convenient buckles, the pack stabilizes nicely when the main straps are adjusted. Every pocket on the X2 is within easy reach, and no compartment is completely hidden by the side wings.

When shopping for the best backpack with internal frame, location of the pockets should always be of prime concern. The large side compartments on this model are placed in a rather odd pattern to be sure, but with a little practice, item placement becomes easy. The main compartment is a little small when compared to other similar models, but there is definitely a wider range of packing and storage choices where smaller items are concerned.

A Well-Designed Backpack

One of the major concerns for hunters is the inability to properly secure a weapon on a looser, internal frame pack. The Eberlestock X2 solves this problem with the conveniently placed straps on the front face, and the hands are left free when moving about in the woods or in deep snow. The hip pockets can be opened easily while the pack is being worn, something that is a definite plus.

On the down side, storing more than one large item in the main compartment is a problem. However, this pack truly leaves it to the imagination of its owner when it comes to storage arrangement. The main consideration is what items are needed on the fly, and there are plenty of hooks and buckles on the X2 that make for proper placement of smaller-sized gear.

In Conclusion

Overall, I think you’d agree that Eberlestock X2 is worthy of the praise it has been receiving. If you’re looking for the perfect companion for your outdoor adventure – be it for hunting or hiking – this pack makes a great alternative to consider.

But due to the unique needs and preference of each of us, I can’t say for sure that it is the best internal frame backpack for you. Consider what I’ve highlighted in this review and decide if it has everything you need.

If you’re still unsure if this pack makes the best investment, why not check out our pick for the best travel backpacks. Find out where this backpack stands among the market’s finest.

Photo by Steven Coutts

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