College students’ favorite places to buy their backpacks

Nov 07

Are you going to enter one of the most exciting stage in life? College. Yes, I’m talking about college life here.

If you are already in college, give yourself a pat in the back (make sure you walk through it, complete and get yourself a degree!). If you are about to enter college, give yourself a pat in the back too.

You are just about to enter a life stage where ‘Play hard. Work hard.’ should be your motto. But before you get yourself too excited, I’m sure the first thing you need to get your hands on is the best college backpack that is currently available.

Do you know where most college guys would buy their backpack from? Here are some of the places that offer some of the best teen shopping experience and let you shop for some of the hippest and trendiest backpacks.

4 Best Places to Buy School Backpacks

1. Amazon – The Ultimate Destination for Savvy Online Shoppers

With millions and millions of items on sale, Amazon can be well, a ‘jungle-like’ marketplace for some. There is no doubt on who is the king when it comes to online retailing business. Amazon is. The benefits of shopping in Amazon are obvious. Fast & (often) free shipping. 24-hour customer service. Ultimate online shopping experience.

One reason that makes Amazon so successful is its high intelligent quotient when it comes to understanding shopper’s shopping preference. A bunch of geeks are constantly working tweaking their already highly intelligent algorithm. Based on the backpack that you’re looking at, the algorithm will make a prediction which models will be the best backpacks that match your shopping preference and that you will likely be interested.

There are tonnes of resources that you can use at your disposal. If you are interested in a backpack model, you will most likely find hundreds of customers’ experiences about it. You can also find the ratings for the backpack. A simple rule of thumb that I like to use is this: if a backpack has hundreds of ratings and the average rating is 4 and above, it is a good backpack. Otherwise, it is safe to rule that model out if you are in a hurry to make your pick.

You can now see why Amazon is easily the preferred destination among most savvy college guys.

2. – The Ultimate Destination for Bargain Hunters is best known to be the ultimate place for bargain lovers. Bargain lovers relishes the sensation when they grab a backpack at $25 when the normal selling price is $100. Success in bargain hunting is not guaranteed (if it is, there would be no enjoyment left, right?).

The same is true when you shop for a backpack at You may be able to get a good Targus backpack at a fraction of its MSRP but more often than not, catching a good bargain is a matter of luck.

3. – The Ultimate Destination for Bag Lovers

If you want to shop for nothing but bag or backpacks, is the place to go. As its name implies, do not expect to find any other things other than bags. Some people love them because they will not be distracted or bombarded by other product recommendations.

One handy tip if you are shopping at is before checking out of your cart, remember to find discount coupons or voucher codes. It may save you decent amount of money, from free shipping to 40% off your total.

4. Macys – The Ultimate Destination for Millenial Shoppers

Do you know what the term millenial shoppers stand for? I bet you wouldn’t. I was clueless too when I first heard of it.

Millenial shopper simply refers to a shopper belonging to the age group of 13 to 30. This is the age group that Macys is actively going after. So, the next time you step into a Macys store with your parents and you love it but not so for your parents, you know how to explain to them.

Catering mostly to the young audience, Macys stores have huge offerings for college backpacks and other stuffs that typical college guys would ever need. It is no wonder that Macys has become the favorite place among college students.

So, which is your favorite? If you have one that is not listed here, I’d like to hear from you. Till then, ciaooo!

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