Need to Boost Your Professional Image? These Leather Laptop Backpacks are what You Need

Mar 01

Best vintage leather laptop backpack collection

Picture of Leather in Raw Form

Who says someone carrying a laptop has to be a geek? Laptop computers have nowadays become a commodity. Don’t tell me you’ve not used a laptop before. If you do, I think you’re a rare breed who is at the brink of extinction.

From engineers to sales chaps. From college art students to nurses. From my grandma to my daughter’s generation. Having a laptop is almost a universal requirement to be relevant in today’s world.

Well, my point is, owning a laptop is no longer exclusive to the geeks! Yet, you seldom find good backpack reviews that discuss laptop backpacks that are built for style (and not so much on functionality). Read here if you’re more interested in functionality rather than style.

In this edition of our best backpack curated gallery, I’m going to pick only the best laptop backpacks made of high quality leather and feature beautiful vintage look.

The Best Vintage Leather Laptop Backpacks

Solo Leather Laptop Backpack

If your job requires you to travel frequently, you know how embarrassing it is to carry a canvas backpack on your business attire!

Particularly true is if you need to hold frequent meetings with clients and / or business associates. I know your laptop is heavy. Plus the adaptor and stationery, I bet it will easily add up close to 8-10 pounds.

If you insist on getting a canvas backpack (even when you know you’ll be out meeting clients), I’ve got nothing to say except to think that you’ve been poorly groomed. And you need an image consultant!

This great-looking leather laptop backpack from Solo is what you need to complete your professional image. It is a sexy-looking back featuring a vintage minimalist look.

Vagabond Traveler

In everyone’s dream, they own a Saddleback leather backpack.

But if you need a good backpack and you need it now, what do you do? 1. Wait and do nothing because you only want a Saddleback; or 2. Be realistic! Find an alternative.

You don’t need anyone telling you what the answer should be.

Vagabond Traveler is probably the next best alternative to Saddleback. While Vagabond Traveler is not entirely cheap, it cost less than half of what a Saddleback costs.

But what’s the trade-off? You get what you pay for. This Hiker Cowhide full-leather backpack from Vagabond Traveler is definitely made of high quality leather. It is a solid product. But it is definitely a class below the more expensive Saddleback.

Kattee Crazy Horse Leather Laptop Backpack

It’s a man’s bag! Ladies, move on please!

No, I’m not kidding. Weighing close to 4 pounds and spanning 17.32 inch in width, Kattee Crazy Horse leather backpack has masculine signature written all over it.

If you’re looking for a decent quality leather laptop bag that can double down as a backpack and a shoulder bag, this cow leather bag from Kattee makes a good candidate.

Get yourself prepared to be stopped by strangers though. You might have to explain to them where you bought this backpack from. That seems to be a common story that I’ve heard from few owners of this backpack.

Le Donne Leather Distressed Laptop Backpack

Le Donne leather computer backpack is what you want to consider if you’re looking for fine laptop backpacks made out of leather.

Every Le Donne leather backpack is hand made by highly skilled Colombian craftsmen. It boasts a vintage look but one but not as clean or minimalist as what the others.

Still, this Le Donne backpack does not cost as much as the rest.

The Choice is Yours!

With these great vintage-looking high quality leather-made laptop backpack, you have no reason not to look good anymore. If you don’t wish to be taken as a junior level executive, investing in one of these backpacks may not come cheap but one that is worth every penny.

With that said, I wouldn’t stop anyone from using these backpacks to roam around the campus. But if you need to carry those heavy textbooks on top of the laptops and kindles and other gadgets, these bags might not last. Instead, you would want to check out which are the best college backpacks.

Photograph courtesy of rohdesign

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