The Travel Backpacks that Every Traveler Needs to See

Nov 03

A Quest for the Best Travel Backpacks

A healthier brain? Go travel.

“What? Are you for real?”, that is the common response that I get from most folks that I talked to. The good news is, it is for REAL! (at least according to a number of scientific studies)

But wait. When I say travel, this is what I mean. You are going into new places that you have never been to before and you are not going on a tour group. Let me explain.

When you travel to a new foreign land, your brain stimulation will come in 2 ways – before and during your actual travel. Ask yourself this simple question.

If you are going to a land of strangers and you have no one to rely on except yourself, what do you have to do? Research. Understand the locals. Get yourself ready! My own experience tells me that this is the second most interesting part, after the traveling itself.

In your research, you will get to understand what might be a totally different culture than yours. It’d do you good if you try to pick few new phrases. Never underestimate the power of simple common phrases.

The other exciting part about traveling is the packing process which cannot be more true for backpacker travelers. I’ve earlier put forth simple tips on how to pack your backpack for traveling. Even if you are a seasoned traveler, you might even pick a thing or two that will be useful in your preparation.

But before you can start packing, you need good traveling backpacks. If you are clueless in finding the best backpacks for travel, I’ve done the hardwork for you. The following curation shows you what great backpacks should be like.

Backpack Models with Highest Travel Backpack Review Score

After one of the most intense procastination that I ever had to endure, I finally made up my pick. For me, the battle for the best travel backpack is a two-way horse race.

The Duel: Osprey Waypoint 65 vs Deuter Traveler 55

Directly comparing the two is not that straightforward (I wouldn’t be in such dilemma had it been so easy!). They share certain basic features in common and that is all.

front view of osprey highly rated travel backpackback panel design of best backpack for travelling

if no comparison is mentioned in this review, it could mean only 2 things. The feature is Osprey-exclusive and it is not present in the Deuter model. Or… The feature is present in both but it is so low in importance that it did not make it to my radar.

It’s a 2-in-1 Backpack

Let’s start the ball rolling! First off, the cool thing about Osprey Waypoint 65 is it is a 2-in-1 backpack! The main backpack is of 50L capacity while the detachable unit is of 15L capacity.

How to measure the pack size against spine lengthImage of detachable daypack as part of Osprey most popular travel pack

Waypoint 65 and traveler 55 are both 2-in-1 backpacks but their designs are worlds apart. The Waypoint 65 comes with superior secruity design in the way the second daypack is attached. Access to the detachable daypack requires zipping it off from the main bag.

If you travel to places where pickpockets are abound, you will definitely appreciate this neat and well-thought design. Well, it is not a reason to let your guards down.

In places even the likes of Paris, pickpockets targeting unassuming backpackers are plenty and their hands are fast as lighting. Carrying Osprey Waypoint 65 simply means that you are better equipped to protect yourself but it does not eliminate the risk!

If you are the backpacker sort who like traveling on budget carriers or prefer not to have your luggage checked in (usually due to security concern), the Waypoint 65 design lets you get around quite easily.

The best part is this. Even if you didn’t manage to clear the security check point, simply check in the main bag and you still have 15L of daypack to carry.

Clever Side Access

With the Waypoint 65, you have a large access to the main compartment. Once the main compartment is fully stuffed, you still have the side access.

It allows you to reach the main compartment without having to lift up the main compartment cover.

Comfort Grip handle in Deuter Traveller 55Inner compartment of Deuter popular travel pack

Features Designed for Travellers

This great travel backpack from Osprey also comes with several useful features. It has a sleeping pad strap and also a magazine pocket. Other than magazine, I find it useful for storing maps.

The Osprey Waypoint 65 is made of waterproof material and that is good enough for most people. If you need total protection from the rain, you can always get the additional raincover.

Ladies looking for travel backpacks for women, take note of this! Osprey Waypoint 65 comes in men and women version. Both versions come with ErgoPull hip belt but the ladies version features women-specific design.

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Budget-friendly Travel Backpacks with the Most Compliments

The Osprey Waypoint 65 is one hell of a great backpack. If there is anything that stops anyone looking for the best travel backpack from buying, it has to be the price.

My pick for the budget-friendly alternative is the Kelty Redwing 50L backpack.

2 things make Kelty Redwing backpack stands out from its peers.

First is the surprisingly high level of comfort. Comfort has and will always be the top-most concern for serious travelers who often find ourselves on the road more often. This is about the lowest investment you can make to get out of a travel backpack. Given the large number of consumers’ compliments it received, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Spacious compartment in Kelty low-cost travelling backpackHighly recommended budget-friendly travel pack

Second is the large number of compartments that every serious traveler will definitely appreciate. I’m not going to preach why would anyone need so many compartments. I’m sure you know it better.

Another well-thought design of the Kelty Redwing is the top and panel loading. This lets you access your main compartment either from the top or side.

Again, I think the usefulness of side loading is best answered by you but this is one design feature that is being appreciated by many backpackers who have bought and used it.

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Grab a backpack. Start Packing!

That is all in this edition of backpack review. I leave it to you to decide if you need to scour through more research before deciding.

Or you think you have sufficient conviction not to procastinate any longer.

If you have the money to spend, go for Osprey Waypoint 65. If budget is a concern, go for Kelty Redwing 50L.

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