The Ultimate Leather Backpack made for the Fashion Snobs

Nov 15

Does the mention of backpack sound lame to you? Answer yes and it goes to show how ignorant you have been (at least until now).

What you are about to see in this curation is some of the most highly regarded leather backpacks that anyone could possibly have.

Warning: These backpacks come with hefty price tags. They are highly NOT recommended unless you are true fashion snob who is willing to part with your money for coolness sake.

If you have the $$$ to spend, lucky you! Grab one of these leather backpacks and you will be the envy of town!

Let’s cut the melancholic plea. I know you can’t wait but to part with your money for something that will become your very own identity for the next few years to come.

The Saddleback Backpack Reviews

Ask yourself this. If you were a brand, will you introduce your competitors to your customers?

I bet your answer is an absolute ‘NO’. “Why should I pass my leads to my competitors? They will take away my customers!”, that is a very logical thought and I share the same thought with you.

Saddleback Leather Co. is a different breed altogether. They did just that. According to them, customers should do their proper comparison study in order to truly appreciate the quality that the brand is offering.

Phew… Think about this. If it is willing to let you compare against the finest name in the industry with the likes of Louis Vuitton, and not worry about losing you (as a customer), what does it say about the brand?

I bet your guess is as good as mine.

If a manufacturer dares to issue a 100-years warranty, you jolly well know what you are in for.

“If the brand is so great, why did I never hear about it?”, that’s a question that I get asked almost everytime I mentioned the Saddleback leather brand to most people.

That turns out to be part of the company’s marketing ploy. As Dave, the company’s founder puts it, he is highly selective in choosing who can distribute his products. Based on my simple analysis of the brand, they seem to grow their brand based on word of mouth (WOM) marketing rather than the conventional mass media advertising.

The Saddleback leather backpack with front pocket is the ultimate backpack that is beyond every leather maniac’s wildest dream. I have to sound this warning to you though. When you walk around carrying this gorgeous backpack, get yourself ready to be stopped by strangers.

You will receive tonnes of compliments, no doubt about it. Be prepared to answer common questions such as “Where did you get the bag from?”.

The backpack comes in 2 sizes: Medium and Large. Your 13-inch Macbook Air can fit well to the medium size option. The large size option is good if you have a 17-inch Macbook Pro.

It comes in 4 color options: Dark coffee brown, Chestnut, Carbon and Tobacco.

Flawless aesthetic aside, this backpack has received much praise for its high level of comfort. If you often find yourself traveling often (e.g. if you are missionary guy), design of this backpack makes sure that the weight you carry is well distributed.

The shoulder strap is wider than most fashion backpack, something that you will come to appreciate after prolonged use.

Does Saddleback Make the Best Leather Backpacks?

All right! All right! I’ll stop talking now. I’m sure you are now itching and can’t wait to grab yourself this great leather backpack. If you do, you may want to check its availability in Amazon. (note: this is an affiliate link. I get a cut of the sales if you so decide to buy it from there)

That’s all in this edition backpack review. What is your experience with the brand? Feel free to dump your stories (both good and bad) in the comments below. I’d love to hear all of them.

If you are looking for more leather alternatives, you may want to check our recommendation for the best leather laptop backpacks. But if you are looking for something that is more practical for university use, do check out our curated list of the best backpacks for college use.

One comment

  1. Johan /

    I hate Saddleback Leather.
    It is addicting :-p

    When you buy your first piece, be aware that you want more and more.
    I bought first the medium briefcase. Then the iPhone case. Then the big wallet. Then the wallet. And yesterday the front pocket back pack.
    I am afraid there will be more to come.

    And it’s true, it’s most ugly on the first day. Each day it becomes more beautiful.

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