Need to Carry Heavy Loads? Airbac Airtech may be Your Solution!

Feb 24

How Airbac Airtech are Designed to Reduce Injury Risk

Do you know that improper backpack use can leads to injuries?

Few years back, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 21,000 back injury cases related to improper use of backpacks. One orthopaedic expert suggested that if a child complains of back pain, parents should turn to backpack as first suspect before anything else.

Airbac is one backpack company that you’d seldom heard of. When you’re looking for the best school backpack, names like North Face, High Sierra and Jansport are probably the first to cross your mind.

Does being less popular equal to less good? If only things are as simple, life would have been so boring!

In this backpack review, we’ll zoom in on Airbac Airtech backpack. It is claimed to feature one of the most sophisticated backpack innovation and promises improved safety especially for school goers.

Let’s find out if the Airbac lives up to its lofty claims or these claims prove to be nothing but hype.

What to Expect of the Airbac Airtech

Taking weight off your Back & Shoulders

One of the most coveted feature of the Airbac Airtech is its use of patented airbag technology. To a backpack user, it can only mean two things.

First, the airbag feature has been designed such that it takes the weight out of your back and shoulders. Second, the airbag feature is supposed to reduce the impact of the backpack during running.

Let’s start with the first claim. I did a quick test to find out if the Airbac Airtech really does a favor to my back and shoulders. My test setup is rather simple.

I try to simulate the pain that typical students would likely to endure. I fill up the backpack up to the weight spelt out in the guideliness recommended by most orthopaedic experts. It is recommended that backpack weight should be in the range of 10-15% of a person’s body weight.

For my case, I weigh around 160 pounds. 15% of my weight is equal to 24 pounds. Let’s see how I end up with 24 pounds of contents in the Airbac Airtech backpack.

  • Backpack weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Macbook Pro: 4.5 pounds
  • Macbook Pro charger: 1 pound
  • Umbrella: 1 pound
  • Gadgets (phones + kindle + etc): 2 pound
  • Textbooks: 10 pounds
  • Water Bottle: 1.8 pounds
  • Pencil case: 0.4 pounds
  • Total: 24 pounds
Picture of blue Airbac airtech backpackPicture of red Airbac airtech backpackPicture of yellow Airbac airtech backpack

With all set, I first tried with the airbag almost entirely deflated and then another time with the airbag almost entirely inflated. For both cases, I did some 100m walking along at the university park (with the backpack on my back) and did a 20 steps stair climb.

That’s the furthest that I can think of in terms of realistic simulation. Let me know if you can think of a better idea.

I know this is not the most scientific way to do it. But if scientific is what you’re interested in, you can refer to the study conducted by Airbac with the help of orthopaedic professionals.

Backpanel view of airbac airtech backpackClose up view of airbac airtech

I was skeptical at first. But after my ‘field testing’, I’m left impressed and completely sold. I can’t quantify how much weight it’s taken off my back and shoulders. What I can say is I feel noticeably lighter with the airbag inflated as compared to when it’s deflated.

I also noticed how the airbag actually protected my lumbar area when I was climbing up the stairs. As parents with active college kids, this is one thing you’d definitely love to have for your kids.

Of all the popular backpacks used by college goers, I think this one does best at protecting my back and taken some light off effectively.

Airbag pump of airtech backpackTop view of aribac airtech backpack

Laptop protection

As important as protecting your back is protecting that piece of metal called laptop. With teaching paradigm shifting towards e-learning, laptop is becoming a compulsory item for any school and college guys alike.

Despite the falling prices of laptops, I still consider them as expensive. As parents, I understand what a pain it is to fork out hundreds or thousand of dollars for that piece of equipment.

That’s why protecting that investment is almost equally as important as protecting spine health.

It is good to know that Airbac Airtech has recently topped a laptop bag drop test conducted by the guys at ComputerWorld.

Is Airbac Airtech a Wise Buy?

Now that you’ve seen the review of Airbac Airtech backpack, do you think it’s something that’s worth going for?

I think it’s one great backpack worthy of serious consideration for anyone looking for the best college backpack. It may not be the cheapest option. But if budget permits, this is one of the best investment you can give to your child.

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