AmazonBasics SLR/DSLR Camera Backpack: Good Value for Money

Aug 02

When you are looking for the best camera backpack, it is important that you look at a variety of backpack reviews. Whether you want the best backpack that will hold your camera, your accessories or a bag that will be able to hold everything you need.

You should be able to find what you need by reading reviews that other users have posted. Users of camera backpacks will often post what they do and do not like about the backpack that you are looking at.

These reviews will give you insight into what the backpack will be able to do and how well it will work for your needs. You can easily find reviewers that have the same needs as you.

Is AmazonBasics Camera Backpack Worth Considering?

A Key Glance

The AmazonBasics backpack for your camera and accessories is a hard shell backpack. It is a solid black color and is filled with space for all of your camera needs. It has compartments and spaces to store a camera, lenses and a variety of other accessories that you will need for your camera.

The backpack has enough space in it for up to 2 camera bodies and 4 lenses. It is a durable polyester exterior and interior. The backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and outside storage straps that are ideal for putting smaller accessories that do not need to be kept sheltered on the inside of the backpack. If you are looking for the best camera backpack, the AmazonBasics is worth looking at.

Side view of AmazonBasics Camera BackpackPicture of AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR DSLR Cameras

The Postive Reviews

In the backpack reviews that users submitted, the backpack was an overall surprise. It features plenty of storage space and has compartments that are able to be easily configured to fit the needs of any photographer.

Users liked the fact that the part of the backpack that touches the back is made out of a mesh and is able to keep the wearer cool. The backpack is also easy to clean with a wet rag and mild soap.

It dries easily and it is not susceptible to damage as a result of dirt, water or other debris getting onto it. Since the backpack is able to fit so much inside of it, it is made to hold up to heavy loads and is able to fit comfortably on the back no matter how full it is.

Inner organization of AmazonBasics SLR DSLR Camera backpackBack panel view of AmazonBasics SLR and DSLR Camera backpack

The Negative Reviews

The major problem that users reported in the backpack reviews was that the backpack felt like a child’s backpack on them. People who were overweight or taller than 5’5″ had trouble putting the backpack on their back and have trouble staying comfortable with the backpack on.

One issue that proves to be a letdown among many photography enthusiasts is the absence of tripod holder. Given that tripod to a photographer is like the missile launcher to a soldier, this is considered to be something that is more of a basic feature and many thought it should be designed into the best camera backpacks.

You may also want to take note of the size of your SLR / DSLR camera. I’ve noted a number of buyers who have purchased this pack only to find their cameras cannot fit into it.


It is important for anyone who is looking for a camera backpack to determine what type of backpack they need to suit their needs before they make the decision to buy one.

Reading reviews and getting an idea of what the backpack was like for other users with similar needs is one of the easiest ways that you will be able to find the best backpack for all of your needs.

I have to confess that this might not be the best backpack for camera. But considering that it is less than half what it costs a Lowepro Flipside 300, I don’t think there is much more you can expect aside from what the AmazonBasics camera backpack is already offering.

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