Case Logic SLRC-206: 2-in-1 Camera + Laptop Backpack

Aug 04

When you’re on the move and loaded down with gear, your laptop needs a dedicated backpack with a high-quality feature set. Rugged outer cases and padded inner pockets are the norm, protecting gadgets and gear. This scenario is magnified several times over when a digital camera is added to the mix.

A fragile lens and a digital single-lens reflex camera is a complex assembly of electronics and focusing optics. Any substantial impact can damage these parts or shift a critically placed optical element.

The best backpack for your laptop has to protect and secure your contents, but, when adding a prized camera to this configuration, it has to be especially exceptional.

A Review of Case Logic SLRC-206

A Brief Glance at Key Features

The SLRC-206 backpack is engineered to exacting engineering specification, making it a highly desirable option when trekking through the outdoors carrying a laptop and camera.

The build quality offers protection from the damp and freezing elements thanks to a densely woven nylon fabric. Additionally, the case feels balanced in my grip. I can sit it down between my feet and know that it won’t flip onto its side.

I already suspect the Case Logic SLRC-206 qualifies as one of the best camera backpacks, and knowing it won’t topple and dislodge an expensive lens is a definite plus.

The backpack is spacious, offers zipped compartments on the front and sides and adjustable shoulder straps that I hold in high regard considering how easily I tire during long journeys. On closer inspection, the straps have a high-quality lining comprised of padded air mesh, a configuration that makes for a comfortable fit.

View of inner organization compartment in Case Logic SLRC-206 backpackFront pocket of Case Logic SLRC-206 for additional organization

Knowing What to Expect

Climbing higher up the review ladder, this contender for best laptop backpack has a dedicated computer compartment, a cushioned pocket compatible with 16″ and 17″ laptops. It’s a configuration that securely holds the majority of laptops.

Moving onward, it’s the camera compartments that sends the backpack into the best backpacks for camera category. Media students can open the front section of the backpack and explore a wealth of camera compartments. The central area is outfitted with a special netted hammock and enough space to hold a large SLR camera while still attached to a zoom lens.

Other compartments can be quickly customized by removing a series of shelves and flexible walls. I tried tinkering with these cushioned shelves and compartments and was impressed by the soft felt lining.

The contouring in the compartments also wraps around lenses and accessories with a soft grip, while the memory foam top panel seals snugly against interior gear. These are all superb features when someone is looking at camera backpack, but one that is irrelevant when we talk about the best college backpack.

Holding of tripod with Case Logic SLRC-206 Camera backpackDedicated laptop compartment in Case Logic SLRC-206

There are few cons to cope with. I think the zippers are a touch flimsy, and the backpack was unwieldy when maneuvering through airports, but these minor issues are more than offset by the advantages of the SLRC-206 backpack.

The weatherproof exterior is tough and fully-equipped for carrying. There’s even a set of loops to hold your tripod in place while you traverse difficult terrain. The inside is soft and fabricated with non-scratch felt, ideal for protecting lens glass and computer screens.

Rugged and tough on the outside, soft and secure on the inside, the interior of this entry from Case Logic is a superior move toward best laptop backpack in its category, and the camera features aren’t too shabby either. Unzipping the front section is a revelation of soft, contoured shelves and walls.

Customization options are a simple Velcro rip motion and replacement to precisely size a shelf for a lens, while accessories such as flashes, extra batteries, memory cards and cables fit inside the four external pockets.

In Summary

In recent years, Case Logic has certainly established itself as the go-to name when it comes to PC and computer storage accessories.

I’m sure almost every one of us has used or owned a Case Logic product (laptop sleeve, iPad sleeve and etc) at some point in time.

To me, the decision on whether Case Logic SLRC-206 is the best backpack for you will very much depend on your own personal experience with the brand.

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