The Best Backpack Reviews

Ever since the beginning of time, backpack has widespread use in our lives. Backpacks have always been used to help us carry or transport heavy stuffs. This is by placing the weights on our back.

As the comic illustration shows, backpack design changes over time. It changes in parallel to human evolution. Therefore, the best backpacks during our grandfathers’ time are no longer cool these days.

“What are the best backpacks?” That is, in my opinion, one question that backpack beginners often ask. But it is a question that is not going to yield any helpful answer.

The Best Backpack is Unique to Your Need

Before anyone attempts to answer the question, it is important to understand the different types of backpack.

Each type is designed for specific purpose and you need to find the the one that best suits your needs.

I am no backpack expert. But I can tell you that there are so many ways a backpack can be used for.

Backpack uses can be broadly categorized into 6 niches. They are travel, professional, school, expedition, military and fashion segments.

Ask yourself what you want your backpack to do. Be clear about your purpose. Only then, you can focus on the backpack reviews that matter to you. Do yourself this small favor. It is going to save you lots of time and sweat.

Travel Backpack

Best backpack for travel
Some people have higher curiosity than others. I am one of them. My curiosity for life makes me an avid traveller.

I often find myself carrying my backpack and walking on the street for a long period of time. If you are like me, you will likely be in need for the best travel backpacks.

Having traversed backpackers’ favorite havens like Algarve, Milan, Paris and Barcelona, I’ve learned many lessons.

One important lesson I learnt is not to skimp on getting myself a good travel backpack. Any good backpack review will tell you the same thing.

A backpack well designed for travellers’ needs will not only protect the health of your back. It will also protect your belongings. Go through the tips shared by fellow travellers and you’ll know why.

Professional Backpack

Thanks to the mainstream adoption of laptop in the workplace, the use of backpack among professionals is increasingly common nowadays.

In contrast to travel backpacks, a backpack that is well designed with professionals’ needs in mind will come with elegant notebook compartment. Obviously, they need to sport the clean and classy look that prevent them from being mistakenly taken as college students.

With the rise of tablet computing, the best backpacks for professionals are increasingly incorporating dedicated compartments for such tablets as the iPad and Kindle. So, if you are a professional hunting for a backpack you can proudly bring to the office, you wouldn’t want to bother yourself with travel backpack reviews. They will prove to be futile for your case anyway.

School Backpack

High school and college students will always form the major consumer segment of the backpack business.

The best backpack for college needs to be able to fit in all the heavy stuffs. From textbooks to novels and laptops.

These backpacks are designed to distribute the loads well across your back. Always remind yourself when choosing a backpack for school use that it will likely be put to abuse and rough uses.

College is the most fun time of our life. It is easy to get ourselves carried away when we are having fun. It is common for high school students and even college guys to dump their backpack to the floor when they are engrossed playing with their friends.

There are few brands that have become synonymous with college backpacks. The list include North Face, High Sierra and Jansport. Aside from durability, price is one important factor attributing to their popularity.

Recently, rolling backpacks emerge as one of the best backpack options among parents who have serious concern about the impact of the school loads on their kids’ back. Not every kid loves this idea. But honestly, it is a good practical solution.

No matter how many backpack reviews you go through and how much time you spent researching, make sure you have the right expectation. Even the best school backpacks will not last for many years. So it is important to set your expectation right.

Expedition Backpack

The next backpack market segment consists of the adventure enthusiasts. Mind you that adventure is a very broad term that encompasses such activities as hiking, mountaineering, ice-climbing, camping and snowskiing.

While these activities are lumped into a single category, each actually comes with different set of requirements. The different requirements arise because each activity necessitates different types of gear and equipment. In addition, the trip duration of say hiking, is usually much shorter compared to that of say mountaineering.

A snowboarder, on the other hand, requires a backpack for different reason altogether. A snowboarder carries a backpack as a safety gear that serves as a protection in the face of avalanche.

So if you are looking for an adventure backpack, you need to be aware of these differences. This is so that you will not be looking at the wrong reviews. Look for avalanche or air bag backpack reviews if you are looking for a backpack that will save your from an avalanche. Look for hiking backpack reviews if you are going for light hiking trip.

Once you have identified the best backpacks for your next adventure trip, remember to look out for tips on how to pack your backpack. You don’t want to make yourself like a newbie during your upcoming mountaineering trip.

It is easy to tell a newbie from a seasoned adventurer just by looking at the way they pack their bags!

Military Backpack

Another segment that makes up the overall backpack market is the military. I think you need little explanation as to what that constitutes.

I would equate anything that says ‘military’ to toughness. In the case of such consumer products as backpack, it means ruggedness, durability and also style. Durability is what separates military backpacks from the classic backpacks. Such tough military-grade materials as nylon is usually used to make fine military backpacks.

The other thing that characterizes military backpacks is the camouflage patterns. If you are in the military, you may want to refer to the official guidelines that you need to conform yourself to. For example, if you are in the US Navy, the authorized colors for backpacks include black, navy blue and the matching NWU Type I pattern.

You do not want to end up spending lots of time going through all the backpack reviews (and $$$), thinking that you have the best military backpack but only to find out that it is not allowed in the camp.

Fashion Backpack

The last segment that is often overlooked in most backpack discussions is the fashion niche. Given the size of this market segment, it is easy to understand why major backpack makers (Targus, High Sierra, Jansport and Teton) decide to skip this market.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying your Samsonite backpack is not fashionable. It is but it depends on your definition of high fashion.

Let me ask you a simple question. If given a choice between the premium leather backpack from Saddleback vs the backpack from Samsonite, which would you rather bring to your Friday night hangouts? I bet you wouldn’t pick the latter.

Take Your Backpack Reviews Seriously

It’s not about how much you read. It’s about what you read. Going through tonnes of reviews does not automatically lets you make the perfect backpack pick.

Going back to the initial question, you should now have a better idea on how to answer the question. The best backpack is subjected to your needs and purposes.

Be sure to zoom in on the appropriate segment and your backpack hunting will be fun!

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